Pavement Bike Rack Which Stows Flat

[ By WebUrbanist in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ] It sounds like a great design solution: a pop-up bike rack that disappears below the pavement when not in use, but the problem it aims to solve really an issue, and (if so) would it ultimately work as intended? On the surface, this idea by Design…

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PFD ‘Chumbox’ Parody

PFD Parody ‘Chumbox’ Advert

Just some weekend fun. I made a parody ad about my own portfolio work, based on those nonsense ‘chumbox’ adverts you find at the bottom of a lot of websites these days. Writing the headlines was fun. Be glad I didn’t choose my ring size guide work.

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Power Cut Status Site

Power Cut Status Page
Power Cut Status Text Only Web Page

The local power company provides their power cut status in a table as a text only responsive web page.

We recognise that during a power cut customers won’t have access to WIFI. If you’re using 3G/4G then you may have trouble downloading images so here’s a simple list of all of the current power cuts we’re aware of in London, South and East of England. This is exactly the same information you’ll find on our interactive map.

With recent weather events I recalled this screenshot I took as a good example of knowing your users and their requirements. During a power cut those are your constraints and you are glad someone had the foresight to provide the information quickly and considerately in this way. Good customer service, in a moment of bad customer service.

Infiniti prototype melds a 1940s race car with EV power

As a rule, electric car concepts embrace the future. Even those with a retro flavor are clearly products of the 21st century. Don’t tell that to Infiniti, however — it’s going deep into the past. Nissan’s luxury badge has unveiled the Prototype 9, an EV whose design unabashedly recalls 1940s race cars (particularly those from Auto Union). And it’s not just the long nose, spoked wheels and massive front grille that pay homage — the prototype was even built using traditional techniques. Inside, of course, it’s very much the product of 2017 know-how.

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