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Make your content easy to consume the way you intended, otherwise your readers may find another way. So make sure it loads first, and fast, in the way you want it presented.

Lets not settle for a homogenous, text-only tier of the web. Web design is your sites individuality and your control of your brand, so make sure it puts your content first.

We’ve never had more tools available to detect, deliver and present the best experience to users. I hope we can keep them from hitting the reading view permanently.

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Not Every Article Needs A Picture

Adults do not need pictures to help them read. I understand that not putting photos on top of every single article might seem like a big undertaking at first, but once a few braves sites take it up, others will quickly follow suit. Putting a generic photo of a cell phone on top of an article about cell phones is insulting. To be clear: I am not an iconoclast. Including images in a story can be a nice addition; the problem is that this has now become a mandatory practice. Not every article should require a picture.

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Are we moving to a text-only reading view experience of the web?

With Safari 11 able to launch pages in reader view by default, is this a signal from Apples metrics, that people want a stripped back reading view of the web only?

Has the elegance of Mediums typography and sparse presentation, along with the speed of Fb Instant Articles and AMP conditioned readers to a slick minimal experience? Do people associate content with a fresh post in a timeline rather than navigating to a new website? Or did the persistent adverts and interstitials drive people to wanting something plainer? Yes, probably.

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Saying Goodbye To Firebug

Firebug has been a phenomenal success. Over its 12-year lifespan, the open source tool developed a near cult following among web developers. When it came out in 2005, Firebug was the first tool to let programmers inspect, edit, and debug code right in the Firefox browser. It also let you monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page, which was a huge step forward.

Firebug caught people’s attention — and more than a million loyal fans still use it today.

So it’s sad that Firebug is now reaching end-of-life in the Firefox browser, with the release of Firefox Quantum (version 57) next month. The good news is that all the capabilities of Firebug are now present in current Firefox Developer Tools.

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Firebug was a revelation when I first downloaded it around 10 years ago. Live editing and learning almost as fast what mistakes I had made. So long friend.

Minimum Viable Product

As someone who can both professionally procrastinate and sweats the details with my  work, I have tried really hard in recent years to approach new projects with the goal of launching with a Minimum Viable Product. Launching with just the essentials needed to present an idea and the functionality to perform the task.

With a project you aren’t sure you want to invest so much time in or have doubts about its viability, extra polish and refining is wasted effort. So get the basic functionality there and just launch.

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Power Cut Status Site

Power Cut Status Page
Power Cut Status Text Only Web Page

The local power company provides their power cut status in a table as a text only responsive web page.

We recognise that during a power cut customers won’t have access to WIFI. If you’re using 3G/4G then you may have trouble downloading images so here’s a simple list of all of the current power cuts we’re aware of in London, South and East of England. This is exactly the same information you’ll find on our interactive map.

With recent weather events I recalled this screenshot I took as a good example of knowing your users and their requirements. During a power cut those are your constraints and you are glad someone had the foresight to provide the information quickly and considerately in this way. Good customer service, in a moment of bad customer service.

YouTube Change 2017

The change happened for me and I have to admit I am quite liking this revamped YouTube. The use of white space, but it feels things got more scannable. The profiles are laid out in a sensible way. It’s built with Polymer web components, nice to see Google ‘dog fooding’ their own framework.

I like everything except the eye-searing cherry red.


A Front End Developer is Aware

Everybody involved in a web team ends up talking with the front end developers. That makes sense. The front end developers create the actual thing people interact with. Everything comes together with the front end developer. Perhaps that’s why it’s such a fun job!

Because the front end developer is this central hub position and dealing with lots of different people doing lots of different jobs, the job can be done better if they are aware. Aware of everything else that makes a website tick.

Excellent points in the article and all that is on top of knowing how the nuts and bolts fit together. Bookmarked for when others ask me what I do.

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Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes?

Many aspects of website design have improved to the point that nuances and flourishes formerly reserved for the printed page are feasible and pleasing. But there’s a seemingly contrary motion afoot with quotation marks: At an increasing number of publications, they’ve been ironed straight.

Once you start to take an interest in typography, you notice this phenomenon all over the place!

Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes?