Formula-E ‘Gen2’ Car Revealed

Formula-E ‘Gen2’ Car Revealed

Designed to be used for the next three seasons, the car will make its competitive debut in the 2018/19 season of the series. With almost double the energy storage capacity and double the range of the current car, the Gen2 will enable the teams and drivers to complete a full race at higher speeds, without making a mid-race car swap. With all that, the Gen2 car is clear proof of the advancements in battery and electric motor technology achieved in the space of only four years, which will eventually make its way into everyday electric road cars.

I’ve spoken about the Formula-E cars design before, particularly the distinctive top front wing. The top wing is gone but I like the split rear wing(winglets?). The corners of the car look a little more substantial to enable more wheel to wheel racing.

Looks like a futuristic electric sled. I love it!

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Web development explained to a time traveler from ten years ago

I’m glad that you’re still interested in computers! Today we have many more of them than we did 10 years ago, and that comes with new challenges. We wear computers on our wrists and faces, keep them in our pockets, and have them in our fridges and kettles. The cars are driving themselves pretty well, and we’ve taught programs to be better than humans at pretty much every game out there — except maybe drinking.

Crazy what can happen in 10 years.

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iPhone Next?

With the iPhone 8 and X now out. I have to say I’m not blown away by either design. I’m really not sure about the black screen border of the X. Regarding the notch, I don’t think you will notice it in use – web designers will mind that yet again there is Apple specific meta tags and code to include in web pages again.

What can Apple do next year?

The inspiration for this post, apart from those quick thoughts. What happens to the iPhone next?

  • An iPhone 9 and an X-S?. A ‘tock’ year? Likely.
  • A single iPhone 9 – OR call it 11 – that embodies the X design and drop the X? I like this idea. I cant see how you could skip back from X(10) to 9.
  • Skip a year completely and concentrate on other hardware? I feel like this would help focus things at Apple but there is too much money at stake to consider this.

I think they have made it tricky for themselves going forwards. The X might continue as showcase but if that accelerates away from the regular iPhone you risk overshadowing it. Its going to be tricky to keep two distinct designs and specs that are different enough and don’t disrupt each other. Mr Cook keeping logistics interesting at Apple.

Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design

Once upon a time, we had products that were colorful, in shapes that were quirky, whimsical, and expressive. Interesting! And then, almost every tech product became white, silver, gray, black, flat, square, round, and minimalist. Boring.
But there are hints that this is changing. And one of the leaders of this change is, somewhat improbably, Google.

I really like the understated-playful dash of colour on the new Pixel 2 phones.

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Driverless bus ‘pod’ tests come to Cambridge Busway

Tests have started on a new driverless bus system which could pave the way for an evening public transport service.
The RDM Group is using self-driving pods along the guided busway in Cambridge to test the feasibility of running 10-seater shuttles along the route.
If successful, the buses will run between Trumpington Park and Ride and Cambridge Station after 20:00.

Perfect route for them, hopefully the test are a success.

via Driverless bus ‘pod’ tests under way in Cambridge – BBC News

Google Clips Camera

You can’t talk about Google Clips without your very next breath being about the elephant in the room: is it creepy? I think the answer is no, for a few reasons. The first is that, as a physical object, it’s basically adorable, and it signals that it is a camera so clearly. When it’s on, there’s a blinking white LED that indicates to you that it might be taking photos.

Payne says that’s intentional. “It looks like a camera. It’s pretty obvious. It’s designed to be playful and approachable in its design. It was never a goal of ours to make something that blends in.”

I believe the privacy guards built in to the Clips camera, but the intention is for you, to surrender the data.

As with Google and Android, encouraging web use equals more ad money and data. Clips does the same with photography. Google wants you taking pictures, lots of them, then storing them in your unlimited storage on Google Photos. This creates lock-in to their services.

Clips also encourages you to make more pictures, more often, more naturally, less posed. With the AI in Photos, Google can profile what day-to-day life is like for you. What your home is like, products it sees in your photos, activities you do etc.

Via The Google Clips camera puts AI behind the lens – The Verge