1px-wide font

Millitext font
Millitext 1px Width Font

Millitext is a “font” whose glyphs are just one pixel wide. But it’s really a clever exploitation of how subpixels — the individual red, green and blue lights of an LCD display — are triggered by pixels of certain colors. For example, a magenta pixel triggers the red and blue subpixels, leaving the green one dark between them.

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Porsche 908/04

Possibly the most beautiful car I have ever seen(a rendering of). I hope Porsche make it real. More stunning images in the gallery on the Top Gear site.

Viewmaster Wedding Invites

You send 7 images, the message and $3450 to the service and they send you 100 Viewmasters, your wedding invite discs and presentation box.

Personally I find it a bit of a shame that this wasn’t a one-off romantic gesture and instead it is a business offering it as a service. But, it is still very cool.