@studio_cheha yesterday announced the launch of 3rd Kickstarter campaign, “#BULBING 2D/3D LED lamps – Optimize Your Lighting Experience! ”. They are presenting DESKi, ZIGGi and CLASSi the newest members of the Studio Cheha “#byBULBING" family!

They have already reached the goal of £15,000 in one day!
Congratulations!!! And for those who want support the campaign the link is in our bio > @archiproducts

#archiproducts #design #studiocheha

2D acrylic shade with perspective shade detail!

Clever idea. Love them.



listen to your vinyl on the go with rocket and wink’s portable player

the ‘rawman 3000’ produces rich sound that can be compared to elaborate and sophisticated component stereo record player system, yet it’s so small that listeners can take it anywhere they go.

Love that they even made 7″, 10″ and 12″ size options.


‘Design Is One of the Most Powerful Forces in Our Lives’

“Do you ring a doorbell with a finger or a thumb?” That’s the kind of question Alice Rawsthorn, design critic for The International New York Times, asks when she thinks about design—all design—and the major role designers have in altering our lives.

Her answer, however, reveals a lot about how she thinks of design’s evolution. “The older you are, the likelier you will be to press it with a finger, probably your index finger,” she writes in her latest book of essays, Hello World: Where Design Meets Life. “If you are younger, you may well use a thumb, because it will have been exercised so thoroughly by typing text messages and gunning down digital assailants on game consoles that it is likely to be stronger and nimbler than any of your fingers.”

Rawsthorn cites this and other mundane behavior to show how technology has impacted design and how graphic, product, and interactive design are key in almost everything we experience today. It’s no wonder, then, that when Rawsthorn speaks, people who care about design’s influences listen.

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