Google Clips Camera

You can’t talk about Google Clips without your very next breath being about the elephant in the room: is it creepy? I think the answer is no, for a few reasons. The first is that, as a physical object, it’s basically adorable, and it signals that it is a camera so clearly. When it’s on, there’s a blinking white LED that indicates to you that it might be taking photos.

Payne says that’s intentional. “It looks like a camera. It’s pretty obvious. It’s designed to be playful and approachable in its design. It was never a goal of ours to make something that blends in.”

I believe the privacy guards built in to the Clips camera, but the intention is for you, to surrender the data.

As with Google and Android, encouraging web use equals more ad money and data. Clips does the same with photography. Google wants you taking pictures, lots of them, then storing them in your unlimited storage on Google Photos. This creates lock-in to their services.

Clips also encourages you to make more pictures, more often, more naturally, less posed. With the AI in Photos, Google can profile what day-to-day life is like for you. What your home is like, products it sees in your photos, activities you do etc.

Via The Google Clips camera puts AI behind the lens – The Verge