Annie Mac Glastonbury Set

I’ve always wanted to see/hear this done. Sounds amazing! Great set.


Its HomePod

Apple HomePod Speaker

Siri Speaker? Apple announced HomePod and I guessed wrong with the name.

I think the most likely is  Siri. Personally, I quite like HomeSpeak or HomeAssistant, it follows the place and function pattern of CarPlay.

Ok, so my guesses were a little off. I got the Home part right.

HomePod. Its so obvious now! Should have expected them to come at this product from a music angle, Apple loves music. Makes sense against their competitors products.

Still holding out hope for Apple personal transport pods called iPods.

Mellow Table

Mellow, as the Kickstarter page so aptly describes, is a Bluetooth speaker / power bank / table from Team Creatio, a hardware company with a couple crowdfunding campaigns under its belt. As the company describes it, Mellow is “the only speaker table you (sic) ever want,” and a statement that is certainly hard to argue with.

The design of Mellow is probably the best part of it: it’s a polished wood table, made of either black walnut or ash, with beech legs. The sides are wrapped in a gray fabric that complements the look nicely.

But Mellow doesn’t just serve as an end table — it also has a Bluetooth speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack built in for music, along with a pair of hidden USB ports on the back to recharge devices.

I continue to be amazed at the simple ways product designers are still able to combine things into a much more useful sum than its parts. This is a pretty neat table / speaker.

via Kill three birds with one stone with this Bluetooth speaker power bank table – The Verge

MP3, the format that revolutionized the way we consume (and steal) music since the 90s, has been officially retired — in a manner of speaking. The German research institution that created the format, The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, announced that it had terminated licensing for certain MP3-related patents…in other words, they didn’t want to keep it on life support, because there are better ways to store music in the year 2017. Rest now forever, MP3.

via MP3 is dead, long live AAC

Rocket Vinyl Jukebox

The Rocket takes its style cues from machines that popped up in British cafes in the 1950s and 60s, back when bongos were big and Elvis Presley was jailhouse-rocking. The big glass front makes a show of the mechanics as vinyl is lifted into place – a contrast to the closed-up domes of colourful old American jukeboxes, like the Wurlitzer.

I remember being at a party once and they had a CD version of something similar. I spent the entire party selecting random records to play.

via BBC – Capital – Why fans of vintage vinyl love this brand-new machine

Beats 1 is like radio before it sucked

I missed the launch but the early comments and reviews made me appreciate how spoiled Radio 1 (2,3,etc…) makes you here in the UK. Zane is a perfect front-man for the service.

The rest of the world it seems only listens to commercial stations (no choice, no BBC) and with that comes the money-chasing popular music playlists. Eclectic breadth and variety is not the norm. 

I tuned in to Beats 1 today got hooked on to the enthusiasm of the DJs and the breadth of music they play. Easy to see how it fits into Apple Music as a gateway drug. Yeah I will be tuning in again for more.

Beats 1 is like radio before it sucked