OLPC was going to give every child a laptop — then it all went wrong – The Verge

…instead of “the $100 laptop,” Bender wanted to call it “the Children’s Machine,” he says. “I think we got more mileage out of ‘The $100 Laptop’ at the time, because typical laptops cost over $1,000, so it was a very bold statement. But we got burned by that — because we set an expectation around price, rather than an expectation around what this machine was really for.”

via OLPC was going to give every child a laptop — then it all went wrong – The Verge

It’s not the fairytale ending the project was aiming for but it is helpful to get the OLPC story in full.


Xubuntu’d a Netbook

Managed to revive an old Acer Netbook using Linux Xubuntu this weekend. It’s run Linux since new, previously upgraded from Linpus Lite to Ubuntu NBR. Working flawlessly so far: Wi-Fi, touchpad, alt function key controls. All very snappy and slick looking. Very happy.

Xubuntu is the lighter-weight flavour of Ubuntu, perfect for older machines. Xubuntu LTS version comes with security updates for 5 further years, which is phenomenal. If you have any old machines laying around, I recommend giving it a try.

Thanks to updates it can run the latest version of Firefox (v53 at time of posting). So I will be able to get some occasional netbook use for old times sake, for the foreseeable future. Now if only the battery could be revived as easily.

Sony eats netbook humble pie, via TechRadar (image via Engadget)

This amuses me that Sony have finally joined the “race to the bottom”. I have to say in the photos it looks fairly attractive and in keeping with the Vaio brand, i think its a masterclass in creative photography angles though, it is awful looking in the video promos.

There are some classic quotes in that artcle which it is worth reading for. All refer to Sony’s approch and pricing. Speaking if which i cant wait to see the damage – some are saying £320, I’m guessing £400+ in UK