Pavement Bike Rack Which Stows Flat

[ By WebUrbanist in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ] It sounds like a great design solution: a pop-up bike rack that disappears below the pavement when not in use, but the problem it aims to solve really an issue, and (if so) would it ultimately work as intended? On the surface, this idea by Design…

via Vanishing Infrastructure: Flat-Folding Urban Bicycle Rack Pops Up on Demand — WebUrbanist


An Alphabet of Electronics

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Graphics & Branding. ] Can you think of an iconic electronic object for every letter of the alphabet? A for Apple, B for Bose, C for Canon, D for Dell and so on, all the way to Z? Graphic designer Vinicius Araujo found the most obvious (and satisfying)…

via Tech Typography: An Entire Alphabet of Electronics Shaped Like Letters — WebUrbanist



This is to remind me that success cannot be rushed.  We all take our own paths, so be careful not to compare.  The success of others does not lessen my own.
I have faith that I will be okay.

beautifully reassuring when our parents, elected leaders, economic system and even sometimes friends lead us to believe otherwise.