A Clever Rug That Creates the Illusion of a Gaping Hole in the Floor When Viewed at a Certain Angle — Laughing Squid

British designer Scott Jarvie has created the wonderful Void Rug, a clever floor covering that creates the optical illusion that, when viewed at a certain angle, makes it appear as if there is an unexpected gaping hole right in the middle of the room. The Void Rug, when viewed at a particular angle, creates the…

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Google Clips Camera

You can’t talk about Google Clips without your very next breath being about the elephant in the room: is it creepy? I think the answer is no, for a few reasons. The first is that, as a physical object, it’s basically adorable, and it signals that it is a camera so clearly. When it’s on, there’s a blinking white LED that indicates to you that it might be taking photos.

Payne says that’s intentional. “It looks like a camera. It’s pretty obvious. It’s designed to be playful and approachable in its design. It was never a goal of ours to make something that blends in.”

I believe the privacy guards built in to the Clips camera, but the intention is for you, to surrender the data.

As with Google and Android, encouraging web use equals more ad money and data. Clips does the same with photography. Google wants you taking pictures, lots of them, then storing them in your unlimited storage on Google Photos. This creates lock-in to their services.

Clips also encourages you to make more pictures, more often, more naturally, less posed. With the AI in Photos, Google can profile what day-to-day life is like for you. What your home is like, products it sees in your photos, activities you do etc.

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Floating Cloud, A Beautiful Sound Responsive Lamp That Levitates Above Its Base — Laughing Squid


Designer Richard Clarkson known for his beautiful cloud designs, partnered again with Crealev to create the “Floating Cloud“. While the designers made decision to remove the speakers that were in previous products, this soft light responds with colors to music and human voices while levitating above its base. After months of design research and user…

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Mellow Table

Mellow, as the Kickstarter page so aptly describes, is a Bluetooth speaker / power bank / table from Team Creatio, a hardware company with a couple crowdfunding campaigns under its belt. As the company describes it, Mellow is “the only speaker table you (sic) ever want,” and a statement that is certainly hard to argue with.

The design of Mellow is probably the best part of it: it’s a polished wood table, made of either black walnut or ash, with beech legs. The sides are wrapped in a gray fabric that complements the look nicely.

But Mellow doesn’t just serve as an end table — it also has a Bluetooth speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack built in for music, along with a pair of hidden USB ports on the back to recharge devices.

I continue to be amazed at the simple ways product designers are still able to combine things into a much more useful sum than its parts. This is a pretty neat table / speaker.

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Rocket Vinyl Jukebox

The Rocket takes its style cues from machines that popped up in British cafes in the 1950s and 60s, back when bongos were big and Elvis Presley was jailhouse-rocking. The big glass front makes a show of the mechanics as vinyl is lifted into place – a contrast to the closed-up domes of colourful old American jukeboxes, like the Wurlitzer.

I remember being at a party once and they had a CD version of something similar. I spent the entire party selecting random records to play.

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@studio_cheha yesterday announced the launch of 3rd Kickstarter campaign, “#BULBING 2D/3D LED lamps – Optimize Your Lighting Experience! ”. They are presenting DESKi, ZIGGi and CLASSi the newest members of the Studio Cheha “#byBULBING" family!

They have already reached the goal of £15,000 in one day!
Congratulations!!! And for those who want support the campaign the link is in our bio > @archiproducts

#archiproducts #design #studiocheha

2D acrylic shade with perspective shade detail!

Clever idea. Love them.