Designed by Royal College of Art graduate Elena Larriba, Vycle is a pedal-powered, vertical transportation system that offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to lifts and stairs.

The design, which resembles the front half of a bike attached to a vertical rail, can be fitted to the side of buildings, scaffolding or cranes.

“There are currently two main methods for vertical transportation that have prevailed for the last 100 years, the stairs and the lift,” explained Elena Larriba, who studied in the Royal College of Art’s (RCA) Innovation Design Engineering masters programme.

“Stairs are bulky and unattractive, especially in high rise buildings where people don’t often use them, and lifts require a lot of energy in order to move one person a couple of meters up. This carves out an area of opportunity that sits between the two.”

via Vertical transportation concept allows city dwellers to cycle up skyscrapers



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The engineering firm, Arup designed a mock-up building aimed at sustainability, regeneration, and efficiency. Arup’s design would utilize vertical space to integrate agriculture, energy systems, and community in a way that is flexible and smart.

The Neapolitan ice cream of eco-buildings, there’s a bit of every technology in there.