Print Theme

Print Theme was a CMYK inspired Tumblr blog theme in the Tumblr Theme Garden.

Print Theme
Print Theme on the Tumblr Theme Garden

Theme Details


  • Print-ready page look, that puts the content first
  • Print Styles included
  • New exif data display. When enabled, exif data appears underneath photo on permalink page
  • New support for Spotify Play Button in audio posts
  • Language support
  • HTML5 semantic markup

These standard features can be enabled from the Settings menu in your Tumblr Dashboard…

  • Likes
  • Following
  • Ask
  • Submit
  • Display Your Recent Tweets

Customisation Features

These features can be toggled in the dashboard > customize appearance > appearance

  • Pages [you must remember to create a link title and tick ‘show a link to this page’]
  • Customise Background Colour
  • Customise Link Colour
  • Customise Secondary Link Colour [post detail links, #tags etc.]
  • Twitter Follow Button On/Off
  • Google Analytics [Enter your full User ID which starts “UA-”]

Custom CSS is enabled for those confident enough to tinker around, please BACKUP before you go poking around, ‘Update preview’ is your friend before you commit any changes.

Browsers Supported

  • IE 7 >
  • Firefox 3.6 >
  • Chrome 4 >
  • Safari 4 >

It features HTML5 markup [with HTML5 Shiv], <article>, <section>, <nav>, <header> etc. and some subtle CSS3 transitions on the page links [older browsers will exhibit default behaviour]. CSS Gradients for the search button. I have used vendor specific attributes where needed.

The theme uses ‘@media print’ specific styling.

Find Out More

You can read past supporting posts about the theme via the #printtheme tag.

Find more about Print Theme on my portfolio site.