One in five UK mammals at risk of extinction – BBC News

One in five UK mammals at risk of extinction – BBC News

The red squirrel, the wildcat, and the grey long-eared bat are all facing severe threats to their survival, according to new research.
They are among 12 species that have been put on the first “red list” for wild mammals in the UK.
The Mammal Society and Natural England study said almost one in five British mammals was at risk of extinction.

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BBC iPlayer – Formula E: Driving Change

How is Formula E Racing helping us to make the shift towards electric cars? Idris Elba, Sienna Miller, Orlando Bloom and Sir Richard Branson have their say. Newsbeat Reporter Ellie Roper follows team DS Virgin Racing, as driver Alex Lynn takes his first year behind the wheel.

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Slip Coaches: Back When British Express Trains Detached Passenger Cars at Speed [ARTICLE] — 99% Invisible

According to British railway lore, the “slip coach” was born when a rail official was riding in a train car that came an unexpected stop. The rest of the express train kept going while his carriage glided to a gentle halt in front of a midway station. As the story goes, the coupling chain broke…

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Hovertrain: The British Hyperloop That Never Happened

The hovertrain, it was hoped, would speed passengers from London to Glasgow in little more than two hours at speeds of up to 300mph. It would revolutionise long-distance travel and consign conventional trains to the history books. But the vision never materialised. In 1975, little more than five years after construction started, the test track was demolished and the project was unceremoniously mothballed.

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Microsoft Acquires GitHub

I am very excited to announce that Microsoft is acquiring GitHub and expect the agreement to close by the end of the year. While it will still take a few months to finalize, we wanted to share the news as soon as we were able.

When GitHub first launched ten years ago, I could have never imagined this headline. Git was a powerful but niche tool, clouds were just things in the sky, and Microsoft was a very different company.

Yep me either. Since then Microsoft have been slowly winning me around with their new found love of open source and the web. I hope I don’t live to regret those words later on.

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LeBlanc Leaving Top Gear

I always thought Matt was an odd and token choice – picked for global appeal rather than natural fit. I liked the films he appeared in and he was a natural behind the wheel, however the studio pieces always felt awkward, to me.
I felt the recent season was one of may favourites. Its a shame that once again they have to build a team again. I’m still a fan of Rory, who I think should front the show. He’s great on the Extra Gear show.

Great British Bee Count 2018

Joining the Great British Bee Count is a great way to learn about bees – and helping experts learn more too.

Thousands of your verified bee sightings will contribute to the national Pollinator Monitoring Scheme – the  first comprehensive health check of Britain’s bees and other pollinators.

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Take part from 17 May–30th June.