One Year Anniversary

It is my personal blogs first year anniversary since the move to from Tumblr.

I have kept to the Tumblog style of posting quick thoughts, images and links. Covering web, tech and green issues, I also post under the #personal tag and #paulfosterdesign for my web work. Surprisingly, I have also taken part in the WordPress #dailyprompt challenge, a great way to stretch the fingers and tap out an impromptu post.

For the web designer side of me, it has been interesting seeing the progress made in the WordPress Calypso editor in just 12 months. Initially it was a clunky change from Tumblrs’ simple dashboard. However the progress and refinement has been quite noticeable and the writing experience has improved hugely.

I’m enjoying it here. Expect more posts.


Net neutrality is dead. It’s time to fear Mickey Mouse – The Verge

It’s a red letter day for the media industry. Disney just took control of 21st Century Fox’s media empire, and the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality regulations that prevent internet providers from discriminatory behavior. These two industry-shaking events will set media companies on a dramatic collision course with ISPs. It is the conflict that threatens the internet.

This week you might have seen lots of talk about fast and slow lanes, blocked websites, and the end of the internet. But the death of net neutrality is not going to look like a sudden apocalypse. It’s going to look more like things we’ve already seen: data caps, “free” data for apps, and service bundling…

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Amazon Vs. Google

Amazon has just responded to Google’s decision to remove YouTube from all Fire TV products and the Echo Show. “Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website,” a spokesperson told The Verge by email. “We hope to resolve this with Google as soon as possible.” YouTube is being pulled from the Show effective immediately, and Fire TV owners will lose out on the popular, essential video streaming app on January 1st.

Google says it’s taking this extreme step because of Amazon’s recent delisting of new Nest products (like Nest Secure and the E Thermostat) and the company’s long-running refusal to sell Chromecast or support Google Cast in any capacity.

But regardless of the public stance each company takes over the next few days, it’s their mutual customers who are unfairly getting jerked around. YouTube is a cornerstone of any living room streaming device, and for Google to suddenly decide to strip it from millions of existing Fire TV owners — assuming no agreement is reached by January 1st — is shameful. YouTube is video on the internet. Period. It’s also home to beloved creators, and Google’s decision will soon rob them of viewers.

Putting aside who started it. Its odd that I feel Amazon should be able to decide to stock or not stock products, even if in this case, its to push their own products with no competition.

Conversely I feel like Google/YouTube shouldn’t be able to decide that of a website. Its displaying the web, YouTube is online to devices that can connect to web. Withdrawing the FireTV app, OK, fine. Shutting off a specific device which is now just displaying the YouTube site in a browser webview is just moving the goalposts.

It’s a foretelling scenario of the breakdown of net neutrality. These nonsensical battles will play out with people in the middle, over money.

via Google and Amazon are punishing their own customers in a bitter feud – The Verge

Daily Prompt: Snippet

I have written about my experience sharing code snippets on CodePen in my post, ‘Show Your Working’.

Some simple button concepts resulted in being added into a very popular collection where many people will see them looking for inspiration.

That experimentation, lead to creative work to show, which lead to exposure, which lead to this post, which will lead to more connections and content. All from tinkering around around with a couple of alternative button styles that in the past would be consigned to folders on my hard drive, where even I may never have looked at them again.

A snippet is such a small thing but can help validate an idea, work a problem, gather feedback and perhaps inspire others. You just need to put them out there, set them free and see what happens. As I am right now.

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