$600 Chromebooks are a dangerous development for Microsoft | Ars Technica

Lenovo reps told us that its new Chromebook was developed because the company was seeing demand for Chromebooks from users with a bit more disposable income. For example, new college students that had used Chrome OS at high school and families who wanted the robustness Chrome OS offers are looking for machines that are more attractive, use better materials, and are a bit faster and more powerful. The $600 machines fit that role.

And that’s why Microsoft should be concerned. This demand shows a few things. Perhaps most significantly of all, it shows that Chrome OS’s mix of Web applications, possibly extended with Android applications, is good enough for a growing slice of home and education users. Windows still has the application advantage overall, but the relevance of these applications is diminishing as Web applications continue to improve. A browser and the Web are sufficient to handle the needs of a great many users. No Windows necessary, not even to run the browser.

via $600 Chromebooks are a dangerous development for Microsoft | Ars Technica

Agreed. It should worry Microsoft (and Apple too). Google targeting the education market with Chromebooks, means the impression that you need Windows to get work done is never established. The web can handle most tasks.