A New Era of Frankensoftware Is Upon Us | WIRED

… Big-name device makers are looking closely at the technologies running on their most successful hardware offerings and finding ways to incorporate that magic into the rest of their products. The shift is driven partly by the popularity of mobile apps and touchscreens, industry insiders say, but also by emerging technologies like voice assistants.

via A New Era of Frankensoftware Is Upon Us | WIRED

The Wired article covers more of a voice assistant, multi-platform, multi-experience slant.

Desktop OS Reshuffle

Personally, I find it interesting that this platform shuffle is going on in desktop OS right now:

  • Windows 10 adding PWAs – Windows already bridged desktop and mobile. The web is joining in.
  • Mac OS bringing iOS app and PWA support – web and mobile joining a desktop environment.
  • Chrome OS adding Android apps  – Web based OS getting mobile native apps, with linux desktop support incoming also.

Whats pleasing to me is the web is taking a more seamless role to all the desktop OSes. Web and native apps are merging and co-mingling.

I’m sure there will be some missteps in how this multiplatform existence merges under a desktop OS.

But from now on, most every connected thing you buy is going to have a little bit of something else in it. And once the companies making those things figure out a way to make these interactions effortless, it won’t seem like such a bad thing.

Instilling the notion in users, of tasks = apps, means that apps can be recombined under any platform and experience you like. Apps will remain constant no matter what the OS, how they interact will be crucial.