How can we make more people watch web conference videos?

A response to How can we make more people watch conference videos? | Christian Heilmann

No follow ups?

My main annoyance with web conference websites in general is the lack of follow up. The event happens and then silence, the site is archived or a left for the following years event to happen.

A roundup update is a great opportunity to thank all involve, to promote other attendees follow up posts, include a Twitter Moment of the tweets it inspired, and chance to embed to or highlight the conferences video content. It can keep the discussion going after the event and isn’t that the goal of any conference?

Conference Video

That’s why it is a shame to see just how low the viewing numbers of some great conference videos are. When talking to conference organisers, I heard some astonishingly low numbers. The only thing to boost them seems to be to deliver them one after the other with dedicated social media promotion. Which, again, is a lot of extra effort.

I will seek out Conference videos, but I wish many took extra care when posting. You went to the trouble of taping it, but often there is no promotion of the content. A simple playlist can set the video content apart from others on an events YouTube channel. Things like description are often short or blank, and tags not applied, missing out on search traffic. I appreciate that these steps require an additional time investment.

The quality of videos, audio and stage presentation has improved immensely, I find it frustrating this attention doesn’t seem carry through to releasing them online.

Having recordings of conference talks is an amazing gift to the community. People who can’t afford to go to events or even can’t afford to travel can still stay up-to-date and learn about topics to deep dive into by watching videos.

The promotion of video content and some extra attention to the presentation of the content are how I see web conferences can ensure their video content is seen more widely. They are the best advert for the event next year.