Siri Speaker?

I don’t doubt there will be a Siri speaker. But what will Apples new product be be called?

  • Siri Speaker? Seems a little obvious. Siri Audio, Siri Sound?
  • Apple have been using  <Product> for their recent products. Will a speaker follow too?  Siri,  Speaker,  Assistant?
  • Its a home product so will it follow HomeKit? HomeAssistant, HomeControl, HomeHelper, HomeVoice, HomeSpeak?
  • Perhaps a Siri side-kick? Siri stays in software and a new named assistant handles home requests? Hmm, confusing.

I think the most likely is  Siri. Personally, I quite like HomeSpeak or HomeAssistant, it follows the place and function pattern of CarPlay.

I’ve thrown enough guesses out that I stand a chance of being right. We’ll find out in June 5th WWDC announcement I expect.