This is a tongue-in-cheek response to todays WordPress Prompt of the Day, ‘Brassy’.

What sprang to mind was a three hour lecture we had once on my Product Design degree course on Brass, the metal. It was incredible.

It wasn’t at the time, it was far more information about brass than I ever wanted to know. I sat and listened politely (to a point but I day-dreamed the guest speaker and his wife, leaving in a brass car, heading to a brass home to sit at a brass table and sleep on a brass bed.

Only long after did I look back an admire that mans thorough knowledge on one subject but also the fact that his wife, who I assume had seen that same lecture many, many times, sat smiling at him throughout.

I also learned that brass kills germs and should be common as door handles, for that purpose. That’s all I can remember.

Prompted to write this via Daily Prompt: Brassy