Xubuntu’d a Netbook

Managed to revive an old Acer Netbook using Linux Xubuntu this weekend. It’s run Linux since new, previously upgraded from Linpus Lite to Ubuntu NBR. Working flawlessly so far: Wi-Fi, touchpad, alt function key controls. All very snappy and slick looking. Very happy.

Xubuntu is the lighter-weight flavour of Ubuntu, perfect for older machines. Xubuntu LTS version comes with security updates for 5 further years, which is phenomenal. If you have any old machines laying around, I recommend giving it a try.

Thanks to updates it can run the latest version of Firefox (v53 at time of posting). So I will be able to get some occasional netbook use for old times sake, for the foreseeable future. Now if only the battery could be revived as easily.