One Off Weekly Roundup

Theres been so many stories happen this week that I felt conscious of over-posting.

  • Nokia 3310 – Nokia (by HMB) announced the fairly attractive looking revamp of the legendary 3310. I quite like the design, its sympathetic to the original design but with a modern twist.
  • Mozilla purchasing Pocket – I have been using Pocket since the Read It Later days and am relieved my data will live on in a company that values privacy. Interested to see how this progresses in helping their Context Graph work.
  • SpaceX Moon Trip – SpaceX just casually announced they were sending two tourists on a paid-up trip around the moon in 2018. If they manage to hit their deadlines and pull this off, it would be incredible. A public vs private space race?
  • F1 Pre-Season Testing – Great to see the cars back out on track after the long winter break. Looking forward to the new season.