Megatron Memories

Megatron was a UFO theme fast food restaurant near Alconbury(Huntingdonshire, UK) I went to several times as a child. It was amazing.

My first memory is of sitting in a massive traffic jam to get the restaurant (how many times can you say that happens) with the Megatron UFO on the hill in the distance, with light beams sweeping the sky.

There was an amazing strobe light corridor down into the restaurant. A central circle of ordering terminals where you chose (often accidentally) via the touchscreen (yes, in the 90s) what you were going to eat, before collecting your order from a counter.

I remember the seating area being really dark, dotted with those plasma globes.

Above, a massive robot sat looking over everyone (which I recall looking like a Cylon from Battlestar Gallactica, I may be wrong) on a throne, with a laser show every so often.

When what wasn’t enough to distract you from eating, there were several alien type characters that moved around the restaurant, one of which was a 6 legged rabbit-type creature which used to terrify my brother.

There are a few photos online via Web Urbanist (read Sweet & Sour Saucer). I don’t remember the interior that brightly lit (see robot, back right), but good to see a picture. Also a video on YouTube taken 1993, of the saucer after McDonalds took it over. This post is inspired by comfortabledisorientation who posted their memories. I am amazed there is not more online about it, such a unique place.

I miss Megatron.