Top Gear: the verdict on the first post-Clarkson season

Agree with most of this review on the Guardian.

  • I find all the presenters good and engaging in the filmed pieces. The studio elements however, are stilted and awkward. 
  • Couldn’t stand Star in the Reasonably Priced Car to begin with, now from the moment the celebs awkwardly introduce each other it just draws attention to how terrible and prolonged this lump of the show is. 
  • Yep, axe EJ. I see enough of him via F1.
  • Rory should front the show and have Chris and Matt chip in.

If you have not already, watch Top Gear Extra Gear in iPlayer. Its natural and engaging and probably how the main show should be. Rory and Chris are great on it.

Update: Chris Evans has stepped down from presenting the show.

Top Gear: the verdict on the first post-Clarkson season