A Netbook, an iPad Pro and the Surface Walk Into a Bar

However, a central question I was wrestling with during the brief Netbook era was, why are consumers not doing more with their PCs? Even those who had a top-of-the line notebook or desktop in that era were still only using a small fraction of its capabilities. What I uncovered was they simply didn’t know how. The PC was too complex, too burdensome, they were afraid of breaking it and then having to spend hours on support trying to fix it. Many consumers that we studied and surveyed at the time did not have positive things to say, generally, about their PC experience.

Really interesting point and perhaps why recently, more people feel confident enough to create and build a lot more. The platforms (phone/tablet OSs) the are using, get out of the way and feel solid enough that the people feel they can experiment and confidently push boundaries and not break things…

A Netbook, an iPad Pro and the Surface Walk Into a Bar