Twitter Can Come Back With Chat

While I was drafting my take on Twitter last week and trying not to repeat any of the points that had already been mentioned. I was lamenting the fact that Twitter took so long to remove the DM limit. It seemed obvious to me that chat was taking off and I cant understand why Twitter dragged their feet. This thought became an idea about how Twitter could catch up.

Twitter has become the place to interact/complain about brands. Peoples first experience of talking with brands probably happened on Twitter. What if Twitter built upon that?

I’ve seen a few articles about messaging being the next platform and the bots taking over. We will all simply chat with a service we want something from and our needs will be met. In those articles I have never seen Twitter mentioned.

But Twitter is in a good place to become the best brand chat app. 

‘Twitter Brand Chat’

  • People are used to interacting with brands on Twitter. They are already doing this using @ replies, this augments that behaviour.
  • Users are in the mindset to interact with brands rather in other chat platforms alongside friends conversations
  • Brands already have a presence on Twitter.
  • Brands are already staffed to deal with CRM (customer relationship management), teams would only require additional training and increasing in staffing, much could be automated too.
  • Users follow list could help provide context to questions and biases.
  • Twitter already has various action cards. These could form the basis of a lot of the interaction. A purchase tweet comes back to a request and the users taps to purchase. If either party need clarification, a tweaked version of the Poll card appears with the options available etc. Video card which answers a question or walks you through a task etc.
  • It would avoid slips with brands accidentally public tweeting CRM tweets. An issue I see happen regularly.

Twitters new service would live within Direct Messages (not another tab). Businesses could pay for an enhanced TweetDeck or fee for the intelligent automation API that would help power the new service. Alternatively Twitter could run the AI chat bot service and partner to fulfil the requests.

This is how I see Twitter could come back from a lazy start to as a chat messaging platform, go all in on conversing with brands.

Update: I would call the service ‘Twitter Quill,’ since it would be text based.