Contact Revamp

I decided my portfolios contact page was looking a little tired. The page content had been in more or less the same layout since two portfolio rebrandings ago. It’s important to keep content fresh as well as the site.

All the important details are big and boxed out, to make it obvious to contact or follow me.

Addthis is already used for sharing content, so their follow feature is a simple addition, which requires only a tiny amount of additional markup and utilises the same script used for sharing so there is no page load penalty for using it.

I also implement hcard, which enables users to download contact details as a vcard via service (see details over on, or obtain via browser extensions. Removing as many tiny hurdles means there is more chance a visitor will retain my details. I am little concerned I let the use of hcard markup dictate what should be on the page but I am nervous about hiding so much of the DOM. This page may change in time.