Excerpt Peek

Excerpt Peek is a hover effect that allows you to preview content beneath a featured image. The demo is over on Codepen.io, go check it out!

The Response

Released a week ago, the response has been phenomenal and most unexpected. Starting with being picked for the Editors Picks on the frontpage but then continuing on to the Popular section based on the number of likes received (at his point 2000+ views and 80+ likes). Truly blown away.

As the site says, ‘Demo or it didnt happen,’ this Pen was just a result of me trying an idea I had for my new folio site. I wanted to show a little of the description in a slightly different way.

Thoughts Why

I’m going to try and break out why things might have gotten so crazy so fast. This is not a guide getting popular on CodePen, just me thinking out loud.

  • Fortunate being picked for the editors picks.
  • CSS3 is the most popular tag right now.
  • My description which appears on rollover is detailed compared to many other Pens which have none at all.
  • Visually, ‘Excerpt Peek,’ isn’t apparent what it does, this probably lead to a high number of views from curious users.
  • The high number of likes I attribute to the high number of views, people see it and click heart. I dont do that from the frontpage I doubt many others do either, its all from the Pen/Details page.
  • Use of code comments + sources.
  • The demo is relatively simple to action yourself in a project.  People can take it and use it. I look forward to the day I see the effect used on a site I come across.
  • Approachable code with the scope to take the Pen, fork it to build opon it and improve it, which I am pleased to see has happened.

It’s been really encouraging and I will definitely be sharing more demos in future, as and when they happen.