The ever-expanding smartphone screen: how supersized became everyday

This is a major sticking point for me in the mobile space right now, glad someone has covered the topic.

I understand the trend towards less calls, more internet access and media consumption but I cant see a use case where some of these devices are worth the inconvenience of carrying around. Perhaps the acceptance came from carrying tablets and I suspect some of these smartphones are a play by manufacturers to provide the phone/tablet experience and stifle the iPad/Android tablets dominance by cutting the need for a second-screen device.

I am a firm believer in Apples philosophy that your thumb has to be able to arc to the top corners. But that argument will be null and void if the rumored iPhone+ makes an appearance, as a sign that even Apple can’t ignore the trend toward increasing screen sizes.

I my mind 4 to 4.2-inch, with edge-to-edge screen and/or a clever chassis is my comfortable limit.

Ultimately my personal test is, If I can’t sit down with your phone in my pocket, you have failed in my eyes to make a mobile device.

Where do you stand on screen size?

The ever-expanding smartphone screen: how supersized became everyday