I thought the music publishers hated iTunes

Realised today that I have been buying music from iTunes recently and been wondering why that is? Historically I never bothered even looking on there as it was by default more expensive, I think I once found a track cheaper. 

I haven’t ranted about the music industry in a while. So, pondering the recent subconscious change in behaviour, I realised the swing has coincided with the record companies fixing the price across the board at 99p per track [which I think is ridiculous] so there is no incentive to shop around any more, iTunes is more convienient for me [I’m playing my music in it, and purchase is 2 clicks away], and likely, the millions of other iOS, Mac and eventually iCloud users.

So that being the case, if the record companies believe they are pursuing a strategy to ween people off iTunes they might have to try a little harder again.

Whilst considering writing this I just bought a track and I noticed iTunes dropped that price off of the album it was from. Haven’t seen that happen before. Incentivisation, clever.