Give It Five Minutes


Dismissing an idea is so easy because it doesn’t involve any work. You can scoff at it. You can ignore it. You can puff some smoke at it. That’s easy. The hard thing to do is protect it, think about it, let it marinate, explore it, riff on it, and try it. The right idea could start out life as the wrong idea.

So next time you hear something, or someone, talk about an idea, pitch an idea, or suggest an idea, give it five minutes. Think about it a little bit before pushing back, before saying it’s too hard or it’s too much work. Those things may be true, but there may be another truth in there too: It may be worth it.

Fantastic post from Jason Fried over at 37signals. I’ve always believed that the number one trait a designer should have is thoughtfulness. Don’t have a knee jerk reaction to things. Be considered, hear all sides, take a minute (or five) to formulate an opinion. 

This always used to bug me in meetings, I sit back, take everything in mull it over and process it from a few angles, and it takes time. Some people don’t give you that time.

Give It Five Minutes