I keep my shoes wedged behind the top of my radiator. Why it’s a good idea:

It was a snap practical decision to put them there but the more I thought about it and as time went on it just seems like a great idea.

  • It dried my shoes out after getting wet [reason I initially put them there].
  • It gets them up off the floor, frees floor space and stops me tripping over them or hoovering up the laces.
  • They tuck my window blind in at the bottom so sunlight doesn’t stream onto my eyes in the morning and wake me up.
  • They fit there really well.
  • They catch a breeze when the window is open which airs them out.
  • When the radiator is on for a cold day, my shoes are nice and warm when I go out in the cold.

I might stop thinking its a great idea if they melt, but I dont think that is going to happen [fingers crossed]. It was the warm shoes point that tipped me over the edge into writing this post.