Tumblrs theme selection from customise screen: the impact on Print Theme

I was looking forward to the early indications of this new avenue of theme selection and the effects it may have on the installs of ’Print Theme’. Sadly, ‘plummets’ seems to be the trend, I’ve lost people each day since the feature launched, at a time when I still had slow but consistant growth. Two avenues to install, increased ease of use, an increase of installs seemed reasonable to expect.

The implementation is very slick looking and logical. Its contextual, as in being part of the customisation process, rather than a separate theme garden. Themes are categorised, such as: Premium, minimal, grid, vintage etc.

The main reason for the decline in users would be that ‘print theme’ doesn’t feature in the new theme customise method. From all the categories, I would expect it to be featured under ‘2 column’. Perhaps Tumblr are still in the process of migrating all themes to the new process, having to metatag them to assign to categories, maybe different themes will be featured alongside the premium themes?

I think its no accident that in each category, the premium Tumblr themes are featured at the top. I suspect Tumblrs’ investors are nudging for more revenue.

Perhaps they have reached a point where there are too many themes and this is a chance for a clean break?

I shall be tracking the decline as much as the growth, still lessons to learn.