Rest in peace Steve Jobs

Difficult reading my Twitter stream last night and during today. This is just a collection of the most interesting, inspiring, touching pieces I read today:

I made the jump and bought an iMac late 2009. I remember after plugging it into the wall, standing puzzled like I had forgotten something. Usually there are more wires than this(!?).

People asked my opinion, if i noticed a difference? A few months later on, one comment from my dad struck me. He said he hadn’t heard a raised voice or a bad word directed towards it [compared to my PC] and I was a lot calmer for it. It hadn’t registered with me but others had noticed. To me my iMac just let me get on with things. Its a thing of beauty when its off, and a seamless platform to what I want to do – when its on. Its testament to Apples work, under the guidance of Steve Jobs, that design of their products can give that kind of user experience.

Thank you Steve.