Engadget on the death of HP’s webOS devices

My take

In some ways I get the announcement HP made this week, if your phone hardware sucks [which it does] give up. It still however, left me with a feeling of disbelief.

All you had to do was make one good phone. A solid phone. The OS was golden, just take the torch from Palm and just package it in something good.

However HP followed Palms lead of launching subpar hardware, the day before Apple announced something which moved the goalposts yet again.

In the same vein, don’t announce products months before you are due to release. If you do, dont then miss that deadline. When my Twitter stream went off this week that the Pre3 was onsale – I thought it had been out for months, I couldn’t believe it. You have to follow Apples lead, announce then launch shortly after.

And what the hell was the Veer? Who was that really for.

Ok, HP may not have sourced the Pre/Pixi keyboard but they didn’t have to carry it on. I expressed my displeasure for the keyboard previously. But despite all the tweaks they made to the Pre3, sleeker design, bringing it up to average build quality, they KEPT THE SAME DAMN KEYBOARD – salvaged from an 80s carphone bin of leftovers I suspect.

You even had the drop on Microsoft, who for a long time were flapping around, even they have managed to haul together a competitive OS and claw in some nice hardware design in the Nokia deal. You could have been sitting pretty at #3 in the OS stakes.

Rant Over

I quite fancied getting a WebOS device but I couldn’t get past that damn keyboard, yesterdays specs and the horrible build quality. As said in the article and in analysis all around the web, what is going to happen to WebOS? It’s parent company cant make it work who is going to take it on. Its going to rattle around with Symbian.

The whole thing smacks of corporate mismanagement and a “that’ll do mentality”. They bought something without fully knowing what to do with it. A $1.2B dabble in the mobile space, but hey you’ve got some patents so that’s, uh, you know, something.

Engadget on the death of HP’s webOS devices