BING does not care about your screen real-estate…

Caught this while watching the keynote speech from Mr. Jobs at WWDC10. Can you spot the odd one out? Why does Bing feel it necessary to feed back to me where you are, and some other pointless information, wasting 50% more of the screen?

I realise they have provide a Bing app and they probably don’t want to make the web experience [I’m assuming iPhone specific site] too good in a rival to Windows Mobile 7, but c’mon! You’re late to the party, you should have this figured out.

Edit: Is the larger tab at the far right to toggle / collapse the second pointless block that points out where in the World you are? I will forgive them if it is.

[image: Engadget]

[disclosure: I don’t like Bing, i tried it for a week and prefer the results Google returns. Bing required 2 to 3 refines of search term to get the same results.]