Everything You Need To Know About Chrome OS

It’s more or less what i was expecting, the browser is the window to everything, with everything being moved to the cloud. I do like the app tabs – to be honest it all seems very straight forward and I suppose we should expect nothing less from the big G.

What I was not expecting is that you have to buy hardware in order to get Chrome OS (?!). I guess Google will do a similar thing with the current crop of Android phones, in that only phones, or in this case netbooks / nettops, stay true to the Google ethos get the Google branding on the back.

A similar approach to Apples model in that if you control the hardware you have better control of the performance and user experience from it?

I would have thought it would have been more about market share at this point, and that would mean a free linux distibution to get people hooked. Market share maybe doesn’t matter to them its all about eyes on in front of Ad Words. Chrome browser is their gateway drug i guess.

See the video introduction here

– via Engadget