Microsoft takes on

It didnt seem possible, but Spotify just became even cooler…

With his news I’d like to make a prediction on the future of music distribution:

  • Microsoft launch their service and the world herralds this is a sure sign that streaming music is the way to go.
  • With this announcement advertisers pile in to get a piece of the action. Free services become more or less un-listenable.
  • Record labels love that no one owns any music anymore and they can relentlessly market to you and launch their own competing services, all whilst raising the price per stream to their independent competitors.
  • This bankrupts the independants overnight and now means you have to have at least 5 music seperate streaming accounts to get a reasonable selection of music. You are also marketed to fivefold.
  • This obviously leaves consumers once again feeling bitter and betrayed by the music industry, music piracy becomes rampant once again as people return to peer to peer sharing.
  • Music industry once again tries to work out what went wrong..?

Let’s please not let this happen.

Microsoft takes on