My Aspire One: My experience with Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I made the switch a couple of days ago to linux netbook remix from the Apiires original Linux OS and i am very happy so far with the change.

First impressions are that it is a much more serious looking OS compared to the original and cutesy Linux Linpus Lite that shipped with the Aspire originally. The layout is very sensibly arranged with all the applications grouped along the left side and the file systems and documents along the right-hand edge. I get on ok with the tabs maximising and like the small sqaure icons to tab between apps running. The fact the volume and screen brightness keys still functon as before are pleasing – though the scales are slightly mismatched to before.

I like that i have some of the old creature comforts back from Windows such as double clicking at the end of a line or hitting Ctrl+A to select all. I also like the package download manager just sorting everything out for me – compared to Linpus Lite where i had no idea what i could or could not download. Im lucky that i like the colour orange but i can see myself perhaps switching back to the orginal firefox theme from the ubuntu theme.

The only issues i have had so far are with the wi-fi and the lack of any sort of scan button. I had issues discovering wireless networks and when you remember that the sole pupose of netbooks is for portability and surfing, this seems like a bit of an oversight.

I do miss my original cutesy OS, it was part of my Apires charming character for me – to be honest it started very quickly and did everything i asked it – i just couldnt figure out what or how to unstall.

All in all im happy with the switch. Well recommended!