Verizon Is Killing Tumblr’s Fight For Net Neutrality

One reason for Karp and Tumblr’s silence? Last week Verizon completed its acquisition of Tumblr parent company Yahoo, kicking off the subsequent merger of Yahoo and AOL to create a new company called Oath. As one of the world’s largest ISPs, Verizon is notorious for challenging the principles of net neutrality — it sued the FCC in an effort to overturn net neutrality rules in 2011, and its general counsel Kathy Grillo published a note this April complimenting new FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to weaken telecommunication regulations.

Now, multiple sources tell The Verge that employees are concerned that Karp has been discouraged from speaking publicly on the issue…

One of many reasons why I left Tumblr before Verizon completed its acquisition of Yahoo!

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Apple Car Systems?

After years toiling away in secret on a car project, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has for the first time elaborated on the company’s plans in the automotive market.

“We’re focusing on autonomous systems,” Cook said in a June 5 interview on Bloomberg Television that amounted to his most detailed comments yet on Apple’s automotive plans. “It’s a core technology that we view as very important.”

A strange turn of events, I just don’t see Apple being a supplier of parts or software. The market will be huge when all cars transition to electric self driving pods (iPods, please?) so maybe Apple feels the market is too large to ignore.

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The Solitary Bee Project

The Solitary Bee Project

To begin our journey to understanding nesting we have chosen four solitary bee species to focus on. These species all nest in aggregations (lots of nests grouped together), making them easier to spot. They are also active at different times of the year so we can begin to get an overview of what’s happening throughout the season. These four species are:
1. Andrena fulva 2. Andrena cineraria 3. Halictus rubicundus 4. Colletes hederae

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Its HomePod

Its HomePod

Siri Speaker? Apple announced HomePod and I guessed wrong with the name.

I think the most likely is  Siri. Personally, I quite like HomeSpeak or HomeAssistant, it follows the place and function pattern of CarPlay.

Ok, so my guesses were a little off. I got the Home part right.

HomePod. Its so obvious now! Should have expected them to come at this product from a music angle, Apple loves music. Makes sense against their competitors products.

Still holding out hope for Apple personal transport pods called iPods.

Siri Speaker?

I don’t doubt there will be a Siri speaker. But what will Apples new product be be called?

  • Siri Speaker? Seems a little obvious. Siri Audio, Siri Sound?
  • Apple have been using  <Product> for their recent products. Will a speaker follow too?  Siri,  Speaker,  Assistant?
  • Its a home product so will it follow HomeKit? HomeAssistant, HomeControl, HomeHelper, HomeVoice, HomeSpeak?
  • Perhaps a Siri side-kick? Siri stays in software and a new named assistant handles home requests? Hmm, confusing.

I think the most likely is  Siri. Personally, I quite like HomeSpeak or HomeAssistant, it follows the place and function pattern of CarPlay.

I’ve thrown enough guesses out that I stand a chance of being right. We’ll find out in June 5th WWDC announcement I expect.


This is a tongue-in-cheek response to todays WordPress Prompt of the Day, ‘Brassy’.

What sprang to mind was a three hour lecture we had once on my Product Design degree course on Brass, the metal. It was incredible.

It wasn’t at the time, it was far more information about brass than I ever wanted to know. I sat and listened politely (to a point but I day-dreamed the guest speaker and his wife, leaving in a brass car, heading to a brass home to sit at a brass table and sleep on a brass bed.

Only long after did I look back an admire that mans thorough knowledge on one subject but also the fact that his wife, who I assume had seen that same lecture many, many times, sat smiling at him throughout.

I also learned that brass kills germs and should be common as door handles, for that purpose. That’s all I can remember.

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